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Progress JDBC Driver for Salesforce to use with Apache Spark

I would like to experiment with Salesforce and Apache Spark.  I've found that the documentation to be a bit out of date.  After registering and attempting the download, instead of sforce.jar that other documentation refers to, I got this jar file instead:

PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_JDBC_SF_ALL.jar   When running a JVM with this jar in the classpath, I could not load com.ddetk.jdbc.sforce.SForceDriver 
I looked inside the jar file and saw only these classes:

I searched the web a little bit more and found that I actually had to run this .jar file, and it launches an installer that downloads the sforce.jar file instead!

At this point, you can run the spark shell:
spark-shell --jars /home/cloudera/Progress/DataDirect/Connect_for_JDBC_51/lib/sforce.jar
After this point, we can issue SQL commands against SFDC as a data source.

Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) using Augmented Reality (AR) with Apple's ARKit

It's been a while since I've blogged, but this is pretty cool so I thought I would share it.

As someone who has worked with CLM for over a decade, I wanted to see what was possible the recent advances in technology.

Apple iOS 11 SDK introduces the ARKit, which significantly simplifies the creation of AR content.

Below is a video demonstration.

If you would like to play around with AR, you can download the Xcode project code in the GitHub link below.

Be forewarned that the iOS 11 SDK is in beta right now, and you will need to have a physical device in order to test this out.  Quite a lot of processing power is required.