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Patient Engagement Challenge – built using VisualForce of the things that I’ve been doing lately is participating in Hackathons and other types of coding challenges.  I find that I need a deadline to motivate myself, and with the timeline and end goal, I learn a lot faster plus I can cram in a lot of hands-on experience.  Otherwise, I tend to read a lot of abstract articles, but never put pen to paper.    Here’s my latest submissions which I hacked up over the weekend: I completed this over 1 weekend and am generally happy with the results.  However, when I looked at the other entries, I do notice that there are a few professional teams entering a lot of these Challenge Posts now, sometimes with existing products and frameworks they are modifying for the purpose of the challenge.This one was built using SFDC as the back-end but with a completely new mobile user interface.   In building t…