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I have been prototyping with and Single Page Applications (SPA) via VisualForce.

SFDC has provided a great example her for getting started:

What I don’t like in particular is that it uses JQuery Mobile as the UI.  For whatever philosophical reasons, JQuery’s default theme hasn’t been updated since they feel their look and feel should be device agnostic.  It makes their UI look very dated.  So here is how to replace the theme with a flat one.


Download the JQuery Mobile Square UI Theme from here:


Extract the zip file.  Create a zip file from the “generated” folder.


Rename this to something more meaningful like “”. 

Upload this as a Static Resource:


Set Cache Control to public if you intend to use this for a public site.

Within your visualforce page, comment out the reference to the original jquery mobile stylesheet, and add the css for the square UI theme.

<!-- ========= -->
<!-- CSS -->
<!-- ========= -->
<!--link href="{!URLFOR($Resource.MobileSample_Resources_Backbone, 'resources/css/')}" rel="stylesheet" /-->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{!URLFOR($Resource.jquerymobilesquareuitheme, '')}" type="text/css"></link>


These are the results.  The old style UI with the rounded edges are on the left.  The flat UI is on the right.



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