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Increasing productivity – SMS from your desktop using MightyText





This year has been one of the most productive years of my life.  I don’t spend any time in traffic, and my smartphone and/or tablet allows me to recover time that normally would have been wasted waiting on my kids.  For example, if one my kids fall asleep in the car, and I don’t want to move them out of the car in case I wake them up prematurely, I just have to go to either my phone or iPad to surf or read the news inside the car.

Bit by bit, I have been making my life more optimized. I squeeze quite a bit into a 24 hour day.  One of the tasks I waste a lot of time on are text messages.  I understand the convenience of text messages when I am out of the house, but when I am at home, there isn’t a convenient way of routing all my text messages to let’s say my desktop… but hold that thought.  There is!  It is an application called MightyText, only available on Android.

Here are some of the reasons why this tool has helped me increase my productivity:

  • When I am on my desktop (yes, I still have one of those), I work a lot faster due to the full sized keyboard.  I can crank out a message at 70 to 80 words a minute instead of the maybe 20 to 30 words a minute on the phone.  Taking a bluetooth keyboard and pairing it with my phone isn’t exactly the same, since I don’t want to spend the time pairing it.  I don’t really use my phone for typing, except for SMS.  Actually, I’ve found that even for email, I like to read the emails on my phone (i.e. consume the information), but like to go back to my desktop to respond to messages (create new information).
  • I don’t always have my phone with me inside the house.  Living in a two story house, while I try to keep my phone close to my side, I don’t always have it next to me.  So when I am at my home office desk, but the phone isn’t close by, I tend to miss messages.  But not any more, since the messages appear as alerts within my browser.
  • I am not constantly looking at my phone when I am working.  Incoming texts are set to vibrate, so there is an audible cue.  However, when I am deeply entrenched in thought doing something on my computer, I don’t always notice it. When the notification is coming from the browser, it’s pretty likely that I will see the incoming text.

Besides the seamless texting portion of the application, there are other features MightyText has:

  • Synchronizing photos
  • Display the phone’s battery level on the desktop

Now if only Apple had a similar product…..


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