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Progress JDBC Driver for Salesforce to use with Apache Spark

I would like to experiment with Salesforce and Apache Spark.  I've found that the documentation to be a bit out of date.  After registering and attempting the download, instead of sforce.jar that other documentation refers to, I got this jar file instead:

PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_JDBC_SF_ALL.jar   When running a JVM with this jar in the classpath, I could not load com.ddetk.jdbc.sforce.SForceDriver 
I looked inside the jar file and saw only these classes:

I searched the web a little bit more and found that I actually had to run this .jar file, and it launches an installer that downloads the sforce.jar file instead!

At this point, you can run the spark shell:
spark-shell --jars /home/cloudera/Progress/DataDirect/Connect_for_JDBC_51/lib/sforce.jar
After this point, we can issue SQL commands against SFDC as a data source.

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Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) using Augmented Reality (AR) with Apple's ARKit

It's been a while since I've blogged, but this is pretty cool so I thought I would share it.

As someone who has worked with CLM for over a decade, I wanted to see what was possible the recent advances in technology.

Apple iOS 11 SDK introduces the ARKit, which significantly simplifies the creation of AR content.

Below is a video demonstration.

If you would like to play around with AR, you can download the Xcode project code in the GitHub link below.

Be forewarned that the iOS 11 SDK is in beta right now, and you will need to have a physical device in order to test this out.  Quite a lot of processing power is required.

Integration Salesforce on iOS with voice recognition from API.AI

I spent the last few nights hacking this up.  I combined the Salesforce iOS SDK with the voice recognition service from API.AI.When I first searched for examples of voice recognition, Nuance was one of the first results returned.  I’ve worked with Nuance during my call center days, so it was a familiar name.  However, it looks like they haven’t updated in a while.A post from this blog suggests that another provider, AT&T’s SDK has been deprecated.In general, I wasn’t so sure about using browser based technology, such as using PhoneGap and cordova.   I also looked at using Speechkit, but not all browsers (especially Safari) support this.  In fact, even mobile Chrome doesn’t support it.  So much for Speechkit becoming a  standard. Salesforce iOS SDK with API.AI

Android Wear Programming

It has been a while since I’ve programmed in Java.  I’m trying to pick up Android Wear programming again and boy, things have changed!  The last time I tried to do this, Android Studio just came out.  I’ve watched a few tutorials now on Android Studio and one thing that puzzles me is that when I create a project, rect_activity_main.xml and round_activity_main.xml are missing.The cause for this are the additional options for adding an Activity to Wear.    It defaults to Always on Wear Activity.  If I blindly click next, then the 2 xml files won’t be created.  I’ll have to research how an Always on Wear Activity works.  Even though it’s always on, it still needs an activity that has the layout for a watch?

Iron Man Wireless Mouse

It has been over a year since my last blog entry.  I’m a point in my life that I am ready to start blogging again.  Today, I received a fairly neat addition to my gadget collection, an Iron Man mouse!It’s not as comfortable as an ergonomic mouse.  However, the creators of this mouse tried to replicate the exactness of Iron Man’s mask, rather than just have  a mouse painted in Iron Man colours.  In fact, the chin on Iron Man makes holding this mouse a little bit uncomfortable, at least for hands my size.Changing the DPI setting, changes the colour of the eyes.  It can be red, blue, or green.  While it looks amazing, it is flimsier than I would have liked.  But the good thing is that every time I use this mouse, it reminds me of superheroes.  I hope that translates into me pulling a superhero like performance at work

Patient Engagement Challenge – built using VisualForce of the things that I’ve been doing lately is participating in Hackathons and other types of coding challenges.  I find that I need a deadline to motivate myself, and with the timeline and end goal, I learn a lot faster plus I can cram in a lot of hands-on experience.  Otherwise, I tend to read a lot of abstract articles, but never put pen to paper.    Here’s my latest submissions which I hacked up over the weekend: I completed this over 1 weekend and am generally happy with the results.  However, when I looked at the other entries, I do notice that there are a few professional teams entering a lot of these Challenge Posts now, sometimes with existing products and frameworks they are modifying for the purpose of the challenge.This one was built using SFDC as the back-end but with a completely new mobile user interface.   In building t… Backbone.js Re-skinning with a flat UI

I have been prototyping with and Single Page Applications (SPA) via VisualForce.SFDC has provided a great example her for getting started: I don’t like in particular is that it uses JQuery Mobile as the UI.  For whatever philosophical reasons, JQuery’s default theme hasn’t been updated since they feel their look and feel should be device agnostic.  It makes their UI look very dated.  So here is how to replace the theme with a flat one.Download the JQuery Mobile Square UI Theme from here: the zip file.  Create a zip file from the “generated” folder.Rename this to something more meaningful like “”.  Upload this as a Static Resource:Set Cache Control to public if you intend to use this for a public site.Within your visualforce page, comment out the reference to the original jquery mobile stylesheet, …